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SCD diet; Crohns Disease, digestive disorder, ulcerative colitis, Celiac Disease... Starch free, wheat free, yeast free, refined sugar free, lactose free, gluten free, casein free, diverticulitis diet


Please be advised that we are closed for Holiday.
All orders will ship starting April 23rd .


The Specific Carbohydrate Diet has helped thousands overcome their pain and symptoms of the following disorders:

Crohn's disease 

Ulcerative Colitis


Celiac Disease

Cystic Fibrosis

Chronic Diarrhea




Our company's mission is to provide good tasting food and guidance to those who have special dietary needs.
Our various product lines are designed to meet the special dietary needs of those following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.

Our products are all Grain-Free, Refined-Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, Starch-Free, Yeast-Free, All Natural, Lactose and Casein-Free, Great Tasting, and High Quality Only.


663669 - H&A Nut Bars
H&A Nut Bars
now $1.99

220255 - White Chocolate Yoga Bars
White Chocolate Yoga Bars
now $1.59

596636 - Paleo Powder  The Perfect Seasoning
Paleo Powder The Perfect Seasoning
now $5.99

1093 - Nut Chunkees <b>ON SALE!!</B>
Nut Chunkees ON SALE!!
now $5.49

693695 - Fruit.0 Organic Fruit Snack
Fruit.0 Organic Fruit Snack
now $2.49

69369 - Yogavive Mango Chips
Yogavive Mango Chips
now $4.49

69362 - SCD Chelated Iron 27 mg
SCD Chelated Iron 27 mg
now $10.95

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