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SCD diet; Crohns Disease, digestive disorder, ulcerative colitis, Celiac Disease... Starch free, wheat free, yeast free, refined sugar free, lactose free, gluten free, casein free, diverticulitis diet

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Stretch Island Fruit Leather

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Stretch Island Fruit Leather

Real, yummy fruit you can just stick in your pocket, backpack or lunchbox. It doesn`t get much better than that, except for maybe a real piece of fruit! Enjoy!

FAQ: Stretch Island offers many more flavors. Why do you offer just three of them?
Answer: The other flavors were not approved for the SCD, as they contain natural flavors, an illegal ingredient.
FAQ: I`m under the impression that fruit concentrates are not legal on the SCD, though I see you listing fruit concentrates on the ingredient list.
Answer: Fruit concentrates are not legal on the SCD. The concentrates used in these leathers are whole fruits, cooked and pureed by the company. The reason why they don`t list the fruit is because consumers were under the impression that it contains actual pieces of fruits, where as in fact the fruits are all mashed up.

  • 100% Fruit, 100% Natural, 100% Fun
  • Every leather is equal to half a serving of fruit.
  • OK Certified Kosher
  • Choose from three yummy flavors!
  • Ing. for Raspberry Flavor - Apple puree concentrate, pear puree concentrate, raspberry puree concentrate, lemon puree concentrate
  • Ing. for Apricot Flavor - Apple puree concentrate, apricot puree concentrate, pear puree concentrate, lemon juice concentrate
  • Ing. Grape Flavor - Apple puree concentrate, grape puree concentrate, pear puree concentrate

Item #: 1009

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